Here’s how the RosieMeter works:

We rate movies based on 5 main criteria:

  1. A female protagonist or antagonist 0-20 points
  2. The film tells a woman’s story 0-20 points
  3. The film has a female director, writer, producer, editor and/or director of photography 0-20 points
  4. Quality of filmmaking 0-20 points
  5. Passes the Bechdel-Wallace Test (i.e: two named female characters who speak to each other about something other than a man) 0-20 points    

There is a wildcard rating that may or may not be applied depending on the film. This would include an extra 1-10 points if a film shows a non-conventional female character or subject matter, displays ethnic diversity, deals with LGBT topics or highlights a historical event that significantly changed life for women.

A score of 0-49 points = Wilted  wilted-white

A score of 50-69 points = Rose Bud rose-bud-40x40

A score of 70-100 points = Full Bloom  rose-clipart-45x45