Frustrated by the lack of women in front of and behind the camera?

Welcome to the Rosie Movie Rating System. We rate films according to how well a movie incorporates female characters and female filmmakers.

A score of 0-49% earns a film the rating of “Wilted”, a score of 50-69% “Rose Bud,” and a score of 70-100% earns the rating “Full Bloom.”

Why Rosie?

The iconic American character, Rosie the Riveter, has come to embody the “We can do it!” spirit to which strong, independent women  relate. She’s a beloved symbol of women’s economic power and mother of American ingenuity and possibility. Thousands of real Rosies helped win World War 2 and we hope their spirit will inspire the women and men in film to create an industry with more gender parity.


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  1. gary gevisser says:

    How do I reach David Packouz?


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