Jake (Asa Butterfield) makes sure Emma (Ella Purnell) stays relatively down to earth. Photo Credit: Jay Maidment.



RosieMeter: 40% Wilted wilted-white


This is a relatively sweet movie that had more pizazz than the book in my opinion. Just like all of Tim Burton’s films, the production and costume design are exquisite and this may be Burton’s best film since Big Eyes.

Eva Green plays Miss Peregrine with poise and alacrity. Asa Butterfield as Jacob makes for a very relatable and likable character. The supporting actors are all very capable and well-cast.

The story gets a bit convoluted in the second half as it tries to make sense of time loops and strange people who exist only in their own dimension. The fun in the film is the reveal of each person’s peculiarity, and I wish they had taken it even further.

I do like how Miss Peregrine and Miss Finch (Judi Davis), are shown as powerful protectors of children.


Score breakdown:

  1. There are four prominent female characters in the film: 14 pts.
  2. The movie shares some of the story of the female characters, but it’s mostly focused on Jacob (Asa Butterfield): 10 pts.
  3. Written and directed by men, the film does have two female executive producers, Katterli Frauenfelder, Ivana Lombardi: 4 pts.
  4. Quality of filmmaking: 12 pts.
  5. Does not pass the Bechdel/Wallace test: 0 pts.

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Shanee Edwards is a film critic, entertainment journalist and screenwriter.

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