Morgan’s (Anya Taylor-Joy) unhappy and unfulfilling solitude will soon trigger a seismic shift for “her.” Photo Credit: Aidan Monaghan.

RosieMeter: 67 % Rose Bud rose-bud-40x40

Runtime: 1 hour, 35 mins.

There is nothing after the end credits.


This is the story of an artificially intelligent robot whose creators set out to come as close to replicating a human being as possible. Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy) is the pinnacle of technology. At five-years-old, Morgan has the physical appearance of a teenager, the intellect of a computer and the temperament of of tiger. Her only flaw? She’s just too human.

When corporate troubleshooter (Kate Mara) is sent to evaluate Morgan after an accident, we learn the tech team has a lot more invested in Morgan than just millions of dollars in R&D – it seems many human emotions come into play,  and that’s just not good business.

This movie addresses something most sci-fi movies ignore about AI. While movies like Ex Machina and Her explore the question of humanity in a non-human being, they forget to examine why the AI exists in the first place. No robot asks to be created. Frankenstein’s Monster didn’t ask the doctor to stitch him together and jolt him with electricity. These machines are created by humans to fulfill our needs and in the case of Morgan, it exceeded expectations.

Writer Seth W. Owen creates a taught, believable sci-fi world with two very strong female characters and we love that, especially since many sci-fi movies create female androids to be little more than romantic or sexual objects.

Anya Taylor-Joy, whom you may remember as the stunning lead actress in The Witch, brings Morgan to life in a way that is calculated, endearing and relatable in this very difficult role.


RosieMeter score breakdown:

Morgan has both a female protagonist and antagonist: 20 pts.

Tells a woman’s story: Technically the movie tells the story of a machine that looks like a woman, but the fact that it includes the stories of several real women as they interact with the machine, earns it a good score: 18 pts.

The film was written and directed by men, but does list one female executive producer, Elishia Holmes. The editor, Laura Jennings, is also a woman: 4 pts.

Does pass the Bechdel/Wallace test: 20 pts.

Wildcard: I’m adding 5 points because the film didn’t turn female robots into sex objects: 5 pts. 

RosieMeter score: 67 %



About Shanee Edwards

Shanee Edwards is a film critic, entertainment journalist and screenwriter.

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