RosieMeter:  14% Wilted wilted-white

Runtime: 1 hr. 54 mins.

There are no extra scenes after the credits.


War Dogs is based on the true story of Efraim Diveroli and David Packouz who became international arms dealers during the Iraq War by  exploiting a little-known government initiative that allows smaller businesses to bid on U.S. Military contracts. Starting with very small contracts, they begin raking in millions of dollars and indulging in a hedonistic, drug-fueled lifestyle. But when the pair gets a $300 million contract to arm the Afghan military, things start to go awry and the US government begins to investigate.

Director Todd Phillips (The Hangover franchise), is great at mining the comedy of privileged white guys who act very irresponsibly (Hey Ryan Lochte, can you relate?). There are many funny moments in the film, but the bottom line is that the movie is about two douche bags who endangered US troops just to make a buck to blow on sports cars and blow. Is the film as funny and ironic as The Wolf of Wall Street? No. But this is probably the most challenging role Jonah Hill, who plays the ballsy, if not demented, Diveroli, has ever taken on. Both Hill and Miles Teller, who plays Packouz, give engaging performances but the film most likely won’t make a lasting impression at the box office.

There is one female character, Iz, Packouz’s girlfriend, played by Cuban-born actress Ana de Armas. She reminds me of a young Valeria Golino in Rain Man who exhibited a depth and range as Tom Cruise’s girlfriend that helped ground the film. It was recently announced that de Armas will be joining  the cast of the Blade Runner sequel.

Score breakdown:

Female heroine or villain? No. This is a dude’s movie about dudes and the messed up war created by dudes: 0 pts.

The main characters are all male with the exception of Iz, David’s girlfriend: 3 pts. 

Women behind the camera? There is one female associate producer, Julie Donovan. The writers, director and other producers are all male: 1 pt.

Quality of filmmaking/Entertainment value: 10 pts.

Does not pass the Bechdel/Wallace test: 0 pts.

RosieMeter: 14% Wilted 



About Shanee Edwards

Shanee Edwards is a film critic, entertainment journalist and screenwriter.

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