Brenda (Kristen Wiig) and Frank (Seth Rogen) in Columbia Pictures’ SAUSAGE PARTY.

RosieMeter: 36% Wilted wilted-white

Runtime: 1 hr. 29 min.

There are no extra scenes after the credits.


Sausage Party is funny, surprising and ground-breaking in that I promise you’ve never seen food have an orgy the way it does in this movie. If you like to smoke pot then light up, call an Uber and enjoy the hilarious scatological teen-boy humor the film has to offer. The film lambastes everything – from religion to immigration to Pixar – nothing is sacred here.

The movie uses the grocery store as a metaphor for everything that is wrong with America. If only Donald Trump had been running for President when the film was written, he would no doubt be depicted as a giant orange  tub of Sunny Delight – all sugar and artificial colors with no real substance.

The highlight of the film is Teresa the taco (Salma Hayek) and her infatuation with Brenda the bun (Kristen Wiig). Teresa is witty, charming and makes a real connection with Brenda, despite Brenda’s love for Frank (Seth Rogan).

The real humor in the film comes from crossing boundaries never before crossed in animation. It will likely become a cult classic.

Score Break down:

The main characters are male, but there are two notable female characters, Brenda the bun and Teresa the taco: 6 pts. 

The film tells two very limited female stories: 6 pts.

Women behind the camera: one female producer, Megan Ellison and three co-producers, Pilar Flynn, Alex McAtee and Jillian Longnecker: 6 pts.

Quality of filmmaking/Entertainment value: 10 pts.

Does pass the Bechdel-Wallace test (believe it or not!): 8 pts. 

RosieMeter: 36 pts.


About Shanee Edwards

Shanee Edwards is a film critic, entertainment journalist and screenwriter.

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  1. Michael says:

    I cracked up laughing. It was everything I expected from Seth Rogan. The end did shock me but it was worth it. I’ll probably watch it again.


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